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Blood Pressure Medication Found to Reverse Diabetic Complications

Drugs are manufactured for treating specific conditions and the FDA tests and approve them for that use. Frequently, during the use of a medicine other benefits are discovered by accident. For example, the new class of glaucoma drugs have been shown to increase eye lash growth. Thus the manufacture now makes a separate form of the drug called Latisse to apply directly on to the best 100% mink lashes.

best 100% mink lashes
best 100% mink lashes

Ohuts According to the July 2nd issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, best 100% mink lashes medications can slow the progress of diabetic retinopathy. A clinical study was performed on type 1 diabetics receiving either Cozaar 100mg 4 times per day, Vasotec 20 mg once per day or a placebo all for a period of 5 years.

The results were outstanding and demonstrated a definite link between these medications and reduction in diabetic best 100% mink lashes. The group taking Cozaar demonstrated a 70% reduction in retinopathy while the Vasotec group showed a 65% decrease in the progression of the disease. These results were compared to the placebo group that should no change in the expected retinopathy changes.

Research has shown that patients with moderate to severe diabetic retinopathy present with high best 100% mink lashes of angiotensin conversion factor and angiotensin II in their vitreous and retina. Therefore, it makes sense that blocking these factors with anti hypertension medications would reduce the progression of diabetic retinopathy.

More studies must be conducted to determine the dosage and best medication for this therapy, but it certainly shows that there are other treatments in the future to preserve sight in the always difficult to treat diabetic patient.

best 100% mink lashes
best 100% mink lashes

This article is written by Dr. Jay Stockman, editor of best 100% mink lashes. Dr. Jay Stockman, with his partner Dr. Brian Lewy has co managed a significant amount of refractive surgery patients. Advise, and medical questions can be directed to New York Vision Associates


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