5 Wedding Makeup Tips For the Most Beautiful Brides

A wedding is one of the biggest event in a woman’s life-one which she wants to look her best at. We’ve all seen disaster wedding faux mink eyelash extensions, overdone, unnatural and uncharacteristic of the bride’s natural style and features.

faux mink eyelash extensions
faux mink eyelash extensions

Tip 1: Don’t Stray Too Far
Ohuts This means stay within the bounds of what looks natural for you. If you don’t wear a lot of makeup normally, then don’t go overboard on your faux mink eyelash extensions-not only will you risk feeling uncomfortable, but your hubby may not recognize you!

Tip 2: Airbrush 
Wedding makeup is 80% face, 20% lips, eyes and brows. Airbrushing foundation will give a flawless coverage that won’t even look like makeup, just perfect glowing skin-it’s what every bride wants, and should have, on her wedding day. Airbrushing is also the best method of applying contouring and highlighting for wedding makeup, as it has the most seamless application. Airbrushing can also be used on the back, neck, chest and arms to really give a flawless look-and its totally smudge proof. Insider secret: enhance your décolletage with a quick airbrush in a darker shade in the cleavage-actresses do it ALL the time.

Tip 3: False faux mink eyelash extensions
False faux mink eyelash extensions are a staple of most Wedding Makeup Tips, because they really help to finish off the look. If a full set is unpalatable, then try applying three or four individual lashes to the corner of the eye and then applying mascara-the extra fullness will make the eyes seem more open and alluring.

Tip 4: Lips
Wedding Makeup Tips often miss out on this little beauty secret, but it is the key to a fuller pout, and the best wedding photos. You know in magazines, when they airbrush the photos, well one of the most common things they do is add a white shine to the center of the lips-this makes for pouty lips that look fresh and plump. This can be achieved with out photoshop, simply by pressing some pearlescent eye shade into the lipstick in the center of the lips-it won’t be visible with the eye as a color, but it will make that part of the lips extra reflective, giving the look of the models in a magazine!

faux mink eyelash extensions
faux mink eyelash extensions

Tip 5: Contouring
Contouring is really important for wedding makeup, as it give dimension to the face in photographs. For brides, contour under the cheekbones, on the temples (faux mink eyelash extensions) along either side of the nose (thins the nose) and under the jaw line and chin-giving definition and the illusion of fine bone structure and slim features. No Wedding Makeup Tips should be without contouring! These contours can be further enhanced by applying matte highlights to the center of the forehead, down the center of the nose, and a pearlescent highlight above the cheekbone, blending with the blusher.


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