Top Makeup Trends For Fall 2011

As with the old saying, “out with the old and in with the new”, the season of fall brings us fun and fresh private label 3d mink lashes looks that will surely become your favorite go-to looks. This year’s trends give a whole new take on classic looks that are so versatile, you can use them from day to night.

private label 3d mink lashes
private label 3d mink lashes

TOP private label 3d mink lashes TRENDS FOR FALL 2011

1. Vampire-Red Lips

If your love of everything vampire-related has you buying every lipstick shade that keeps blood-suckers thirsty, then you are in luck because vampy lips are in this season. Rich burgundy, dark purples and varying shades of red are paired with nude eye make-up and spidery lashes. This look is going to be such a total head turner.

2. Classic Nude

Ohuts The look that never runs out of style, the nude look is always one of the most sought after looks for the season. The nude look compliments every outfit and accessories. It’s one of the easiest and most elegant private label 3d mink lashes looks that anyone can ever invent. Evenly blended foundation, neutral shadows, mascara, natural looking blush and the perfect shade of nude lippies are the key elements in achieving this makeup look.

3. Thick Brows

Who says thick eyebrows are only for kids? Fresh and youthful brows are one of the biggest trends this fall. Now is the time to go back to the basics and bid those thin eyebrows goodbye.

4. Orange Eyes

Another trend that pays special tribute to the changing leaves of fall. Shades of orange definitely give warmth to your eyes. Mixed with other warm colors, this beautiful color can surely give more definition to your eyes this season.

5. Lots of Lines

From thick lines to thin lines and even winged lines, applying some eyeliner on your lids emphasizes the shape of your eyes. Depending on the look that you want to go for, be it the smoky look, the innocent look or even rocking flirty eyes, wearing eyeliner can give a lot of emphasis on your peepers. If your eyes are the windows to your soul, you should make a way for it to be so!

6. A New Twist On The Smokey Eye

Creating the classic smokey eye entails the use of basic colors such as blacks and grays. This fall, this type of private label 3d mink lashes takes on a different route. Colors such as purples, blues and browns are being used to create this classic makeup look. These colors are definitely more wearable as compared to the original smokey eyes.

private label 3d mink lashes
private label 3d mink lashes

These top private label 3d mink lashes trends for fall 2011 are your basic guidelines in staying cool and chic this season. If you are the type who loves the natural look, then this season will be your best season ever


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