Your Most Noticeable Features Are Your Eyes

The most noticeable and expressive features people have are the silk fur 3d lashes.

silk fur 3d lashes
silk fur 3d lashes

Eye shadow colors can make silk fur 3d lashes appear closer or further apart, change their shapes and can even make the actual eye color itself appear different.

Ohuts Eye shadows are available in crèmes, powders and pencils and application can be dry or wet with crème silk fur 3d lashes shadows being more difficult to control than pencils or powders. Pencils can smudge, looking harsher.

There are basically 4 different color types – a neutral base, dark emphasizing color, light highlighting color and main color and they should enhance eye color and shape.

Enhance the eye’s natural shape by using neutral matte shades and light colored highlighters or creams. Areas with light colors appear larger and areas with dark colors appear smaller.

Emphasis colors in the inner corners of the eyes make silk fur 3d lashes appear closer together and darker shades in outside corners with lighter colors on inside corners make the eyes look further apart. Use a dark matte color, blending it upward and outward from the middle of the eye lid. For bigger eyes, use lighter color shades.

For a dramatic smoky look, use a kohl pencil, outlining the bottom and top silk fur 3d lashes. Afterwards use a black liquid liner for the top. Use a concealer under the eyes and cover with powder – it accentuates differences in skin and eye shadow. Smudge the liner’s outer corners for a softer look (thick black eye shadow over the liner further softens it). Finally, apply a neutral brown or charcoal shadow and top off with a neutral lipstick and black mascara.

For brown eyes use pink and blue tones and also burnt orange and gold silk fur 3d lashes shadows. For fairer skins, use a soft blue on the lid with plum around edges while for darker skins use plum on the lid and the crease area with a navy or plum liner and black mascara. Lavenders, browns and purple shades suit green eyes while blondes with blue eyes look great in lavender and violet tones.

silk fur 3d lashes
silk fur 3d lashes

To make eyes look younger, blend eye shadows upwards and outwards, highlighting just below the brow using two or more shimmering, light shades. Use liners or pencils along eye silk fur 3d lashes and smudge with a q-tip or finger. Pay careful attention to properly trimmed eyebrows – they should start at the inner eye, peak at the outer edge of the iris and end at the outer corner of the eye.


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